1 Million Tivoli lights set up in Tivoli Garden for Christmas

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Tivoli Lights is the name of the Christmas lights hanging in a string around the Christmas-tree.
During Christmas world-wide, the Tivoli Lights also shows architectural lines on forinstance iconic-buildings, parks and homes around the world.
Originally the idea of lights on a string comes comes from the Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park from 1843 in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. The Rockefeller Center in New York liked the idea and brought it to use in 1931 calling it Tivoli Lights. The name has spread world wide; but actually the idea originally comes from Tivoli Garden.

Today Tivoli Garden themselves has set up more than 1 million Tivoli Lights, which is more, than ever before.
There is 40 km lightchains with more than 1 million LED lightballs and it takes 2.500 working hours to hang it all up. Forinstande takes it 3 days just to hang up the Tivoli Lights in one of the bigger trees.

Architectural Digest has nominated Tivoli as one of the 10 best Christmas markets in the world calling it “gorgeous”.

Tivoli has for themselves developed the special LED light bulbs, that last for 50.000 hours or 11 years. Tivoli has developed the first LED lamp in the world with a red, warm white light, similar to 2400 Kelvin and in 25W or in LED language 1,2 WATT-LED.

China ends successful tourism year with Denmark.

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Many countries want a part in the millions of new travellers from China.
Russia had an Official Tourist year in 2013, which made the Chinese visits go up 80%.

Denmark is just ending the official China/Denmark tourism year in which agreements have
been signed making easier visa rules for chinese travelling to Denmark, investment
agreements, as well as media visits with record breaking TV-viewer numbers.
Cities around Denmark have experienced more that 30% to 300% more visitors.
The closing ceremony took place at The Royal Theatre and was attended by Crown Prince
Frederik, that has played an active part in the tourism year. Denmark was the first country in
the west, that in 1950 to make diplomatic relationships with China.
Also Director of China National Tourist Association Li Jinzao has participated actively in
signing several of the arrangements to increase tourism, among recruiting of experience
travel officers.

It worked.

Several TV-stations and bloggers have visited Denmark to show Chinese what to expect.
Dragon TV’s reality show “Flower over Trip” made for 2 episodes, including the Danish
Crown Prince Frederik on his bikes. It generated 878 million circulations via Iqiyi, Tencent,
Youku and LeTV. The audience rating was 0.6 broadcasted by Dragon TV.
The KOL – UK sisters, that got 14 million followers on Weibo went to Denmark to explore the
oyster safari. Oysters you can pick up for free during low tides at the Danish West Coast.
This generated 80 million circulations on digital channels and social media outlets and has
increases the visits by chinese going on Oyster Safari.
However the biggest viewer numbers created Jackson Yee (Yi Yang Qian Xi), that in May
became Danish Tourism Spokesman. He generated 2,2 billion media exposures via the
popular medias among younger people.

The danish Oscar winning director Bille August also attended the closing ceremony,
because he has been filming in China & The Chinese Widow, that is about relationships
between different cultures.
Chinese tourist have wanted to stay in Copenhagen. However Copenhagen’s general
success this year has sold out 92% hotelrooms in the high season in 2017. The sold out
hotels in Copenhagen have brought the Chinese to places outside Copenhagen,like
Shakespeare´s Hamlet castle Kronborg North of Copenhagen.
Hamlets Helsingør have increased its number of visitors with more than 380%.
Chinese working with Danish tourism in Denmark and in China believes the success will
continue, also because Copenhagen is building 6000 new hotelrooms now.
As part of the closing ceremony performed National Traditional Orchestra of Heilongjiand
Opera and Dance Drama Theater.
Crown Prince Frederik was very satisfied with the strengthen friendships with China after the
closing ceremony.
Director of China National Tourist Association Li Jinzao promised many more tourist to
Denmark in the future.
Other countries in the world, that have had chinese tourism years has experienced an
increase in the years to come after the official tourism year and Denmark hope for an
increase on 40%.
China hopes to gain 10% more jobs, besides the effect tourism has on other sectors like
banking, transport and cultural exchange.
Next year will the Chinese tourism year be with all of the EU.

Hundreds of Santa Claus’ run for poor families.

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Santa Claus got happy on behalf again.
Hundreds of Santa Claus ran for christmas gifts to families without money for Christmas.
The Santa Claus run took place in Næstved, south of Copenhagen.
The Santa Claus run was organized by “The Matches” (Translation from “Svovlstikkerne”) after Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale the The Little Match Girl (Den lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne).
Each family gets a full Christmas dinner + gift to the families need.
The organisation collect more than 500.000dkk/usd 80.000/€70.000 every year for Christmas presents.
The selection of famIlies are done via Red Cross, The Salvation Army (Frelsens Hær) and local churches.
From the more than 150 Santa Claus’ Run itself will 535 families get food and presents for Christmas.
All income goes to charity in full.
The Santa Claus run happened in Næstved, that also arrange the world’s biggest Troll Festival. The mayor Claus Rasmussen was also dressed out as Santa Claus. Mayor Santa Claus, where very happy, that some trolls also participate as Santa Claus cloth.
Some trolls was seen making push-ups in the Santa costume to raise even more donations.
Rice porridge is an important warm dish at Christmas and especially after a Santa Claus Run.
All 153 Santa Claus’, aswell Santa-wives and Santa-elves took their share of the rise porridge given by the fire department.
The charity group “The Matches” (ref. Svovlstikkerne) has in 7 years been giving millions to families in need and still there motto “We can’t help all, but we can help some”.
Merry Christmas!

Hans Christian Andersen´s 150 Year Celebration, with 8.750 Lights

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8750 lights were set out for the fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen’s 150 years anniversary of becoming honorary citizenship of his hometown Odense in the middle of Denmark.
A dream he always hs was had was to be accepted by his own. His wished one day, that everybody in the city would come out in the street with a light to illuminate the city in his honor. And it actually happened…



LAUNCH of The Little Sun Diamond. Artist Olafur Eliasson creates solar-powered lamp to help billions without electricity.


International artist Olafur Eliasson released the third version of the Little Sun lamp during U.N. Assembly.
All profit is used to reach the 1.1 billion people still living without electricity in Africa, India, refugee camps etc.
The new Little Sun Diamond launched in MoMA DESIGN STORE brought many private supporters and foundations:Agnes Gund, Sara Arison, Bloomberg Philanthropies, European Union Humanitarian Aid
interviews Chelsea Clinton, Paloma Duran, Director of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Fund

Biggest World Cup water sport festival in in the nordic countries.


Biggest water sport festival in Scandinavia
Who would think, that you could surf along the westcoast of Denmark?
This year the the biggest water sport event in the Nordic countries took place, incl windsurfing World Cup Tour for the second time, that found a new world cup winner.
The place is at Hvide Sande along the Westcoast of Denmark facing the North Sea, behind a 30 km long natural dune, creating a big fjord protected from the North Sea with flat water, high wind and low water depth – totally ideal for windsurfing, kitesurf, SUP, surf and wakeboard.
All the top names on the PWA Windsurfing World Tour have been competing for the last week in Hvide Sande, that also is a small Danish traditional fishing city along, that are happy for the explosive interest in surfing!
FRENCH Antoine Anbeau, 11 times world champion, won in Hvide Sande and is also leading the PWA World again, after a bad season last year. Nr 2 in Hvide Sande was Matteo Lacheni, ITALY and nr 3 Ross Williams, GBR.
The Windsurfing tour found the woman World Tour Champion in Slalom Sarah-Quita Offringa from Aroba in Caribia. She was very, very happy already being overall winner before the last two stages in Sylt,Germany and New Calenonia.
Former German and European Champion Sebastian Kördel was nr. 7 on the World Tour. His ambitions is to end in top 10 this year.
Norwegian talent Oda Johanne Brødholt, that has been nr 3 and 2 in women free-style for the last 3 year. She is now nr 8, but want to be world champion within the next 2 years.
They compete in slalom, free-style on flat water and wave, where they make acrobatic moves on the waves.
The event in Hvide Sande was also the biggest water surf sport festival in Scandinavia with surfers creating the biggest surf regatta in Scandinavia with more than 300 participants.
The location is unique because it is shield from the North Sea by a 30 km long-tailed dune, that creates an approx. an inner fjord, that is only 2-5 m deep. Even in high winds is the water flat, so it is unique for activities like kitesurf, windsurf, SUP, surf and wakeboard.
The town is still an old fishing town. The attention from the surfers has added a new dimension to the little town and the use of the ocean and wind.
The surfers urge to experience the raw nature up close and have made Hvide Sande the most visited surf vacations area in the Nordic countries with surfers coming from all over the world – and ofcourse many from the nabours Germany and Norway.
However the PWA World Tour, that is held for the second time in a row in Hvide Sande have finally placed Hvide Sande on the international scene of surfing.


Tirpitz was one of the biggest canon positions and bunkers on the Danish Atlantic West Coast facing England. It was named after the big battleship, that sunk in Norway in 1944 and instead Rummel build this bunker in the dunes of the Danish west coast, that could fire a canon 50 km.
Bjarke Ingels & BIG has now changed the big Nazi bunkers to a positive open museum with 4 big 36 meter long roofs standing without columns, that is opening up the dunes.