Fjord Oslo Light Festival 2021 – Broadcast report

Fjord Oslo Light Festival 2021
Broadcast report

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More than 1/2 billion have seen Oslo in creative lights

Fjord Oslo Light Festival was broadcasted to a minimum of 558,051,160 viewers on leading news programs in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Video news releases (vnr) with Oslo in creative lights was broadcasted on the following news channels: ABC (US), FOX (US), CTV (Canada), Euronews (Europe), Channel 9 (Australia), EuroVision, China XinHua News and many other international, national and regional news-stations all over the world.

Based on the media’s averages figures from International Press, the Fjord Oslo Light Festival reached a minimum 558,051,160 views – excluding including China.

When adding repeats on TV- and web news a conservative estimate is 639,322,044 views.

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There was so many worldwide web-news, that took the video news about Fjord Oslo Light Festival, among others,, Yahoo, Associated Press, AFP (France), CGTN (Spain) and many other.
The monitoring found broadcasts in 19 countries and 110 media outlets/channels, where 28 web-news medias and 10 TV-news has worldwide coverage.

High media value.
Oslo was played in a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes + repeat on TV and web excl. China.
Leaving out traditional TV advertising, similar reach and media costs on Google and Facebook is estimated to be more than 6 mio.NOK/ 640.000 EUR.
Booking simular advertising time on the actual media channels would be even higher, excl. production & planning.

This monitoring report is a qualified estimate since editorial broadcasts are impossible to monitor in all languages and countries.
The actual viewer figures in the report is sourced from statistics and confirmations on broadcast views from Google, Kantar Media Monitoring, IP (International Television) and TV-stations.

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