We cooprate with news channels and television networks across the world. Among the channels that have broadcast our Video News Releases are CNN, BBC, CCTV, the two major Danish channels DR and TV2, and many more. Recently, a campaign produced in cooperation with VisitDenmark was awarded “Best Campaign in Europe” and was broadcast on FOX, CCTV, France 1 etc.

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Within 10 minutes

200.000 passengers use the metropolitan train system on a daily basis and are inspired during their trip by our “Within 10 minutes” films. Each film presents a place of interest located no further than 10 minutes away from a train station. We continuously produce films on new locations and have recently broadened the scope to encompass the entire country. This new concept is called “Next time you travel”.

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Presentation & Advertising & Social films

We produce a wide range of various types of films. Judging from the 35 awards that we have won in this area, one of our fields of expertise is presentation films. We take on any project, the huge, the not so big as well as the small and simple ones. Among our clients are VisitDenmark, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Mariott Hotel and Admiral Hotel.

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Our productions cover a broad field. See more clicking on the specific categories.