Walk-through of production stages

Here is shot video of how the process works – which so far has enabled all our vnr’s since 2007 to be broadcast.

PlanlgningSTAGE 1 – Organizing



Discussions of angles


Pre-distribution – incl. short text regarding events and how to angle it (Presseconference)

ProduktionFASE 2 Produktion

Shooting – incl. current shots.

Editing – same day

DistributionFASE 3 – Distribution

Distribution of vnr´s requires perfect timing when dealing with multiple countries.
Deadlines in Asia and USA require different timetables and the content of the VNR might vary from network to network.
We work ahead for days, during and after publishing whilst maintaining a dialog with each person responsible for the different TV networks, to tailor to their needs.
In Denmark we are on the forefront of this area of expertise and among the few that are known internationally, in this business – we always manage to secure a broadcast.


RapportFASE 4 – Report

Gathering of boradcasts – Google, measuring offices and TV-contacts

Editing of various segments – social, TV, presse and reports

Calculation of viewers – access to sources in all parts of the world. The only ones in Denmark

Social medie distribution of results

Press release in Denmark – incl. danish TV.

Final Report

Eksempler på vnr.TV´s video news releases

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