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Our Journey at Kongshaug Productions:  …”be seen more”

Born in the heart of Denmark our story unfolds, revealing a dynamic production crew that boldly stands among industry titans. Our small yet dedicated team has seen our productions showcased on renowned platforms like CNN and BBC. With over 50 international film awards to our name, we’re living proof that it’s not the size that counts but the passion behind the craft. Our achievements echo profoundly within the Danish and international cinematic landscape.

Our creative ventures, including vnr.TV and “Within 10 Minutes,” aren’t merely concepts; they are our brainchildren. We’ve not only captured the hearts of audiences worldwide but have also had the privilege of collaborating with Denmark’s finest, including Tivoli, DSB, and VisitDenmark. We’re seasoned in working with discerning clients, always leaving them with smiles of satisfaction.

Our philosophy is anchored in passion, dedication, and the unwavering pursuit of storytelling. Harnessing lessons from our past, we continually reshape our narrative and cinematic style. Pioneering new paths in Denmark, we’ve redefined what tourism and PR films can be, with a focus on novelty, wonder, and captivating audiences.

For us, it’s never been just about leveraging the latest technology; it’s about selecting the right tools to best narrate our story. This stance doesn’t just align with our fiscal responsibility; it ensures that our narratives remain in the limelight.

Our pledge? To produce not merely satisfactory work but masterpieces. Along every step of the production journey, we engage intimately with our clients, crafting a final piece that encapsulates their vision.

Our efforts stretch beyond niche audiences. Our succinct video news releases have adorned news and feature broadcasts globally, a testament to our compelling storytelling and unparalleled quality. Our “Within 10 Minutes” films, projected in public domains, have garnered worldwide acclaim for their brilliance and innovation.

We don’t enter competitions solely for accolades; we participate to evolve, nurture, and unearth potential partnerships.

Considering a production journey with us? Know that you’re not just a client. You become a cherished member of our community, privy to specialized services, insights, and connectivity to our expansive network.

Every tale we weave, every dream we chase, and every milestone we achieve converges under one resonant creed: “…be seen more.”


Anders Kongshaug

Founder, Director and chief producer.
Thousands of video features on international news.

Over 60 touristfilmsawards – most in Denmark.

Founder Within 10 Minutes.
Co-founder Copenhagen Light Festival.
Tlf: +45 23103058
@mail: anders@vnr.tv

Mads Gelting

Postproduction & coordinator.

Technical service for customers.
+45 53 670 670

Christoffer Askman

Photographer – stills and video

Our new photographer is, among other things, educated by the legend Birger Larsen.

Kasper Joseph Brand


+45 31 670 670
cvr. nr DK 31 62 77 53

Martin Kløft

Permanent freelance producer.

Several sports features, including the Olympics in Rio, Euro2021 and the Tour de France.

Advisory board

Søren Damsgaard

Ex. Marketing manager at Wonderful Copenhagen, and Director of VisitDenmark in London. Lecturer in tourism.

Søren Plomgaard

Lawyer. Partner PUNCT Lawyers

Jacob Saxild

Ex-Development Manager Copenhagen Capacity Consultant International Property and Investments

Lars Ramme

Branch director (Tourism, culture and experience economy), Danish Business


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