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VNR Produktioner

Denmark recall South Korean ramen with strong chili.

The South Korean ramen with strong chili became famous as a “joke” on social media.


It is now banned for being to spicy.


The shop owner of the Chinese Grocery store finds it ridiculous and there’s no reasonable justification.

Melting glaciers creates light festival in the alps.

In the Alps have been set up 36 lightworks to tell the world that glaciers are melting and the
rapidly changing climate in the Alps will change the standard of life as we know it.
The glaciers will be melted away in 20-30 years.
The whole valley surrounding the old bishop and monastery city Brixen/Bressanone was lit
up 7 hectares (70.000 m2) by small fireboxes set up by the vineyard farmers. It is also a
method needed to keep the vines above -1C.

The Water Light Festival in Brixen hopes the showcase of impressive light art works will
make more people realize that the problems with climate change will affect all.

Christiania, Copenhagen’s hippie oasis, wants to rebuild without its illegal hashish market

The now-aging hippies who took over a derelict naval base in Copenhagen more than 50 years ago and turned it into a freewheeling community known as Christiania want to boot out criminals who control the community’s lucrative market for hashish by ripping up the cobblestoned street where it openly changes hands.

World premiere in legoland with Peppa pig in LEGO/DUPLO

The balloons were released in a sky of soap bubbles at the world-premiere in LEGOLAND of a 1500 m2/16.145ft’s playground with the Peppa Pig univers.
It is the first time the 20 year old Peppa Pig is built in Lego Duplo.

​180 years of christmas lights ​in the old ​Tivoli park

No compromises are made when the second oldest amusement park in the world, the Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark, lights up for Christmas.


A total of 1 million lights are lighting up the park, which pre-opened in 1843 and will celebrate it´s 180 years old birthday in the coming year.

Danish queen celebrated for snow queen scenography in tivoli

The Tivoli Garden presented The Danish Queen on the stage of the Concert Hall at the annual  Christmas performance.


The Queen of Denmark curtsied on stage for the public after being acknowledged as designer of the scenography to the ballet The Snow Queen by Hans Chrstian Andersen, the fairytale writer originally from Denmark.

China International Import Exhibition
with big danish participation

Denmark Exports to China fell to US$3.67 Billion during covid, according to the United Nations database on international trade. It used to be US$4.4.


Meat and fish is nearly ⅓ of the export. The other main goods are machinery for industries and medicine.


In order to re-establish the export to China, do Danish Industries participate in the 6th of 6 possible CIIE – China International Import Exhibition in ShangHai.

Worlds biggest lego pumpkin & vip monster party for lego film figures

Halloween is coming up and in the first LEGOLand in the world, located in Denmark, could no longer wait showing the 12.500 LEGO Halloween figures and pumpkins.  


70 mio. LEGO bricks are used to make LEGO spiders, LEGO-mice, LEO-mushrooms and the biggest LEGO pumpkin ever made by LEGO in the world.

Femern – World’s longest immersed tunnel starts

The world’s longest immersed tunnel for both trains and cars is right now being constructed connecting the Nordic countries with mainland Europe.

The tunnel is between Denmark and Germany, 18.2 kilometers (11.3 miles). It starts at the little town of Rødby on the Danish island of Lolland and runs on the bottom of the Baltic Sea to Puttgarden on the German island of Fehmarn, that is naming the tunnel.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel.

NATO annual session held in Copenhagen, Denmark

NATO´s 69th. annual assembly was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Speaking was  Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen,  President of Ukraine Vlodymyr Zelinsky and the President of Nato Parliamentary Assembly Michal Szczerba.

Noble winner Anne L’huillier

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2023 to Lund Universities Anne L’Huillier, who has lived in Sweden for 30 years, but was born in France.


In 1987, Anne L’Huillier discovered that many different overtones of light arose when she transmitted infrared laser light through a noble gas. Each overtone is a light wave with a given number of cycles.

Stoltenberg in Copenhagen

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General in Niels Bohrs hometown, Copenhagen Denmark.

The institute has a world leading science community with in Quantum physics. 

Quantum plays an important part of the development of the speed of energy and information in 10 years.

Niels Bohr is the father of the understanding.

AI and robots develops sports technology

In recent years, the world of sports has witnessed a profound transformation thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. 

These cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the way we play, watch, and prepare a sportsmatch.

Annual historic naval Tall Ship reminds us of our precious history

Every year at this time of the year do all the old Tall ships in Denmark gather in an old Viking hide-away area called  Limfjorden for a race around the islands and living the old naval life

Maersk produce worlds biggest “green” containership

The worlds first containership sailing on the green energy methanol.

3% of the global CO2 comes from the shipping.

The first ship in the world is produced by the world leading containership company

World’s oldest flag day

The birthday of the world’s oldest flag was just held in Denmark. There is a captivating tale is behind the Danish flag, also known as the “Dannebrog.” The flag dates back to 1219 making it the world’s oldest flag still in use.

Zelenskyj in Copenhagen

Chinese players to face Viktor Axelsen
at homeground

This year’s World Championships in Copenhagen is getting closer, and the chinese players will soon know who to face in Royal Arena in their fight for a World Championship medal.

The seedings for the World Championships was just published and in Men’s Singles is the top seeded Viktor Axelsen from Denmark. 
Viktor Axelsen is currently the reigning World Olympic Champion and All England winner, as well as winner of the Olympic Champion in 2020.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023

Copenhagen Fashion Week is a fashion week giving new inspiration to streetwear, so many of the shows took place in the streets and unique places in Copenhagen.

Design is the 4th biggest industry in Denmark and China is involved as a major producer.

It is an international fashion week, because 80% of all the sales are made around the world, primarily in Europe.

Roskilde Festival 2023

Denmark host one of Europe’s top 3 music festival all with app. 130.000 people is attending.

The main stage on Roskilde Festival is the Orange Stage, that used to belong to Rolling Stones.’

Roskilde Festival is the oldest dating music festival in Europe from 1971.

Copenhagen Unesco world capital of architecture

The City of Copenhagen is world-famous for its sustainable urban development which has made the Danish capital UNESCO´s 2nd. choice as World Capital of Architecture in 2023.

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro was the first to be designated World Capital of Architecture in 2020/2021 and now it is Copenhagen´s honor to carry the prestigious title “World Capital of Architecture”.

World’s biggest dinosaur skull

A box just arrived at the upcoming new leading Museum of Evolution in Europe, with the world’s biggest dinosaur head-skull ever found in the world.

International kite festival with chinese kite masters

The world’s biggest International Kite Festival takes place under unique circumstances on Fanø on the west coast of Denmark.

A steady wind from the west keeps up to 20.000 kites in the air at this time of the year.

Beach balls thrown during football match

Thousands of beach balls were thrown up in the air and onto the football field during the last game of the season for home-team FC Copenhagen at Denmark’s National Football stadion Parken.

World’s first Ferrari build full size in LEGO bricks

For the first time in the world a FERRARI was built full size in LEGO bricks.

It was presented in the town where LEGO was first invented, Billund in Denmark.

It took 2,711 hours or 339 days to construct with help from Ferrari designers.
All in all 383,610 LEGO bricks used.

UN international day of lights brings messages from NASA astronauts.

The UN International Day of Light is celebrated during The Water Light Festival in Brixen/Bressanone, even by the astronauts.

Among the lightworks is Italian Stefano Cagol´s work “Not to lose (the stars)” about the lights seen from the eyes of the astronauts.

Copenhagen Marathon
more than 12,500 runners from 103 countries

The Copenhagen Marathon had more than 12,500 runners from 103 countries from all over the world and 100,000 spectators gathered in the sun to what some marathon runners call “the best marathon in the world”.

Brixen Water Light Festival focus
on peace and environment

The only light festival in the Alps is the Brixen Water Light Festival, shows 47 big light installations about the environment and peace in the South Tyrol region in northern Italy.

New panda method did not work

In Copenhagen ZOO has Male Xing Er and female Mao Sun been together for 3 weeks before the estrus  hoping Xing Er would help make Mao Sun pregnant.

Queens birthday, 83

The Danish Majesty The Queen turned 83 years old and on this occasion, thousands of people showed up at the Royal Castle Amalienborg in Copenhagen to show her respect and wish The Queen a happy birthday.

The Royal Danish Family is among the oldest in the world.

Spring comes to Denmark

Winter is nearly ending and Danes are looking for the first flowers.

At plant shops or plant nurseries can you buy the seed and onions for the ground or even find the first easter-flowers now.

New strategy for panda mating in Denmark

The Copenhagen Zoo is getting ready for the two panda´s spring romance, that is the only time during the year, that a female panda can get pregnant.

For the last two years have female Mao Sun and male Xing Er been together for only this 2-3 days So far – no luck.

Danish astronaut in space

The Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen will in August be in space for the second time.
This time for more than 6 months as the pilot.

The space trip will this time be with a space-shutled learning about lightning, liquids in weightlessness and plants in space.

Lightrun in the winter

Copenhagen Light Festival is setting up more than 55 light installations and hosting 350.000 people making it one of the biggest lightfestivals in Europe.


The lightarts are not just set up in the city center, but all over the city, involving more areas in the city, including the international french artist Julien Menzel and his work Platonic, that was set in an creative old factory area.

Copenhagen Light Festival returns – even bigger

UNESCO´S World architect City is this year is Copenhagen making the Copenhagen Light Festival even bigger than before.

11 white beams shine out from the City tower pointing to unique architectural places in Copenhagen surroundings. 

Light Installations are placed along the water canal in the inner city in the historic areas.

Sensational dinosaur discoveries heading to Denmark

The biggest dinosaur exhibition in Europe will soon open in northern Denmark.

In April, when it opens in a 1000 m2 hall, will experts and tourist get close to the world’s most well-preserved skeleton of an dinosaur, the world’s largest skull, new and unidentified dinosaur species and more.

New Danish Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen

In the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs did Lars Løkke Rasmussen take over the post as Denmark’s new Foreign Minister.
After 3 ½ years left Jeppe Kofod being minister in a historic period with corona, conflict in Europe and Syria.

New government in Denmark

Mette Frederiksen succeeded in creating a government across the middle in the danish parliament.
Former prime-minister Mette Frederiksen invited the press to Marienborg that is the representative home of the Danish prime-minister, located 20 min. North of Copenhagen.

Energy Crisis, inflation and Christmas

Does the current inflation and energy prices change the way the Danes celebrate Christmas

CIIE – Danish companies looking forward

Denmark´s pavilion at CIIE will this year have participation with among MAERCK, DESMI, DANFOSS, NORDiQ GROUP and other organised by State of Green and Danish Industry. See what the compains are looking forward to?

Election, why does Mette Frederiksen step down

The day after the election did Mette Frederiksen and all 12 party leaders in Denmark  meet in the Publicist Club and  Mette Frederiksen was heard saying to the press:
“I simply have so much respect for the democracy. It’s all about cooperation” .

Election day after

Despite a very late night, did the newspaper get out.

Gas station employee Marcus Otto 24 says: “The democracy have talked and that is what we are going with”.

Despite the election vent on until 3 in thee morning did many as a tradition stay all night and discus the result.

Election day after

Mette Frederiksen and the red parties in Denmark got 90 red mandats.

The world’s biggest destruction can be seen at
Stevns Klint new museum

The world’s biggest destruction was an asteroid hitting earth – killing all dinosaurs
Denmarks´s Queen Margrethe II opens UNESCO world heritage´s museum

World´s biggest layers of ash and fossils can be seen at Stevns Klint´s new museum 1 hour south of Copenhagen.

Denmark wins 2-0 over World Champions
France in Nations League

It is the second time Denmark´s won over France in Nations League.

The tournament has been a good preparation for World Cup, that starts November 20 in Qatar.

Children talk with UN about their future

Children’s General Assembly is this year being held in the Danish town Billund with 80 young children from

43 different countries and all continents, aswell inkl. Foreign Ministers, here from Holland, ambassadors. former President of the UN General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft and UN.


The conclusions are part of shaping UN 2030 sustainable goals and they talk with the Head of UN Youth in New York during the UN General Assembly.

50 Queens that also should be remembered

Most statues in the western world are with men and animals.

50 white pedestals are standing in Copenhagen now and will go on a world tour – representing forgotten Queens.


Queen Margrethe visited it. Purpose to inspire women to become something for society and to set up more women. The Little Mermaid is in it, because there are more statues of animals than women

Old people live longer in houses inspired by China

The architect behind the Sydney Opera House in Australia is Jørn Utzon from Denmark.


Jørn Utzon also made a village for old retired people that now have proven to make people live longer.


The village for old people is called the Fredensborghusene, north of Copenhagen.

Chinese dragon and taichi opens
Denmark’s harbor festival

Chinese dragon and TaiChi opens Denmark’s capital Copenhagen’s Harbor Festival.


Copenhagen harbor festival is the biggest during the summer.

The Dragon dance and Tai Chi was enjoyed by the Danish spectators in spite a lot of rain.

Thousands celebrate homecoming of denmark’s
Tour De France winner

Jonas Vingegaard returned home to Denmark escorted by two F16 jets to be celebrated by the cycle nation Denmark.

The 109th edition of the Tour de France has to a large extent been an incredible experience for Denmark, becoming a world leading cycle nation.

Roskilde Festival is more than a music festival

Roskilde Festival is one of Europe’s largest music Festival with 100.000 participants.


It starts as the workers and students get vacation in Denmark.
However after 50 years it is more than music now.


Ecological projects and support to young people, and good business ideas are part of the festival.

Fields Shooting – Interview outside court

After the tragic event of the shooting at the shopping mall Fields, the court decision has been made.

Fields shooting

After the tragic event of the shooting at the shopping mall Fields, a ceremony was held. 

Tour De France 2022 – Best fun tour-installations

The Danes are excited to host the Tour de France Grand Départ and the country is getting festive in yellow. 


Fun and charming tour-installations have been installed all over Denmark, along the 3 stages of Grand Depart of Tour de France in Denmark.


Thrilling atmosphere in Copenhagen, Denmark
at the first stage, in spite the rain.


Tour de France is getting ready to Grand Depart in Denmark, and Denmark is getting ready to depart Tour de France in a grand way.

Denmark goes festive in yellow III

Denmark is all in hosting Grand Depart of

Tour de France and today is the first day of the celebrations before le Grand Depart of Tour de France on Friday in Copenhagen.

Denmark goes festive in yellow II

The excitement was clear in Tivoli a few days before the Tour de France starts le
Grand Depart in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tivoli have all night set up a salute to Paris by rebuilding a copy of the Eiffel Tower in

Denmark goes festive in yellow I

Denmark is going all crazy in yellow before hosting Tour de France Grand Départ, 1-3 July, probably the world’s greatest cycling race.


Europe’s longest bridge The Great Belt Bridge can now be seen in yellow and the city Aabenra hosting the last of the 3. stages in Le Grand Depart has painted there bridge yellow.

Flugt – Refugee museum with the Queen opening

Brand new museum building connecting the old refuge buildings into one museum called FLUGT, about becoming a refugee.


The background for FLUGT is the 250.000 German refugees that lived in the houses in Oksbøl refugee camp after the 2nd world war. However another story is about refugees, through the last hundred years coming to Denmark.
Cases making the visit historic, political, personal and humanitarian.

World’s toughest mountain bike race

The Dolomite part of the Alps in North Italy’ are hosting the documented toughest mountain bike race in the world, due to the length of the race and the altitudes in the mountains. This year the high temperatures challenged the bikers from 41 countries even more.

Croatian National Team before Denmark match

Training footage and press-meeting

Denmark National Team before Croatia match

Training footage and press-meeting

Tourism need workers

After covid and the boom of tourism starting again has a new problem occurred.

During covid did the hotels nearly did not have any costumers and now they need staff.


In Denmark do the unions want to keep a high guarantee amount, higher than the salary.

International Museum Day
The Workers’ museum in Denmark

In Europe did working people go through the same development in 1920-1940 as in China in app. 1990 until today. More people moved to the bigger cities and more people earned more money.


The working museum in Denmark shows how people did the same in that period.

Amazing lights on UNESCO
International Day of Light aims for peace

On Monday May 16 and until Tuesday morning (cet)
it is UNESCO’s official international Day of Light.
The aim is to celebrate science, art, nature and “Build peace in the minds of men and women”.

Around the world the lights are being celebrated and in the Alps there is for the next week astonishing light works set up in North Italy as a part of Brixen Water Light Festival in South Tyrol, also known as the Dolomites.

Danes live in nature as vikings for 6 months

In the largest Viking Village in Denmark thousands of vikings are gathering now – again.

Vikings traveled around in the world from 700 to 1050 – and now they meet again in the Viking Village in Denmark eating, making cloth and enjoying life in nature as a Viking for up to 6 months over the summer.

Amazing Water Light Festival in the Alps

An amazing water light festival with 29 big light installations about water is taking place in the mountain city Brixen/Bressanone in Northern Italy in the Alps.

“Water is life – light is art” is it called.

Organic Day

‘Organic Day’ is celebrated today. It is the biggest national organic event, currently attracting close to 250,000 Danes according to the organizers. On this day, organic cows across the country will be let out into the open fields after a w​​i​​nter spent in the cowshed.


Parken Stadion in Copenhagen, Denmark was the stadium Christian Eriksen stepped in and got a heart attack, or cardial during  EURO last June 2021.

It happened in front of the world’s football fans.

Christian Eriksen now stepped back to play again in Parken on the same field for the first time.


The Tour de France cycling race will start in 100 days in Copenhagen, and 2 other stages across Denmark.

A clock on Copenhagen City Square started counting down the last 100 days before the Tour de France starts with a  ITT in Copenhagen.
200 yellow bikers cheered and biked with the head of the world’s biggest cycle race Christian Pruhdomme, Director A.O.C.


Inside auction house in Copenhagen, Denmark did actioner Kasper Nielsen from Bruun Rasmussen set original famous NASA photographs from space on auction. The pictures were taken on the Apollo 8-17 missions. All originals.

Among the photos were the first picture ever taken of the earth seen from Apollo 8. The foot on the moon from Apollo 11 and 74 more.


Light-arts on the Copenhagen Light Festival were changed into Ukrainian colors or war symbols lasting a few extra days.

The Tivoli Garden facade, that never states politics, changed to blue and yellow. The most biked water-bridge in the world, Knippelsbro, changed to blue and yellow. The bird “Phenix”, that originally profiled the threats against nature, were seen in blue and yellow colors and many more.


In spite of rain and heavy wind, 1500 light runners, who had prepaid, insisted on running the big light-run during the Copenhagen Light Festival.

The idea of bringing light into the dark seems to create a positive spirit.

This year’s light run was minutes from being canceled, but once all got started a unique spirit of fun and happiness dominated the chain of light runners. 


Copenhagen Light Festival increases the number of works from 36 to 50 and becomes the light festival with the most light installations in Europe. 

The quiet and cold winter darkness in the Nordic countries being broken by oases of light art and illumination in the center of Copenhagen. 


​​Speed-skating is actually one of the oldest sports in the world.

Spe​​ed-skating was among the first 9 sports at the first winter olympics in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

Huge crowds often gathered one central lakes in Copenhagen.
Speed-skating is the oldest sport union in Denmark from 1869.


Tivoli, that is the second oldest amusement park in the world, closed last week due to the new spread of Omicron. 

Instead Tivoli created a massive firework to say thank you for visits in 2021 and more importantly to spread hope for more amusement in 2022.


A new tradition takes place around the darkest day of the year in Denmark. Thousands of canoes, kayaks and standup paddlers meet to light up, sing and celebrate the tradition call Santa Lucia.
Santa Lucia sings about light, hope and joy on some of most dark days of the year.
For the last month has the sun only shined 6 days in Denmark.


Men in Black is the name of a group of people, that demonstrates against the restrictions introduced to combat the coronavirus in Denmark.

We follow the demonstrations for an international news agency (confidential).

See more…


In The Greenland House in Copenhagen, Denmark can you now find the biggest Christmas market for art-products made from bear teeth, bear bones, mox-wool, sealskin fur and other unique raw materials from the biggest island in the world.


Santa Claus and Pjerrot welcomed to Tivoli 82,700+ square in the center of Copenhagen and one of the world’s oldest and most romantic amusement parks.

More than 1 million lights have been lit up. 1000 Christmas trees have been decorated with lights from top to toe and 70.000 baubles. 

The biggest Christmas tree from the forest was traditionally lightened up by Santa Claus’s friends.


Denmark’s Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Rasmus Prehn opened a 500 sqm pavilion ever in China at CIIE – 4th China International Import Expo.

“For many years, we have experienced a great match between the Chinese customer demands and the Danish high quality food products”, said the Danish Minister as part of the “LIVE” participation at the pavilion from DI Danish Industries headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Norway ‘s capital is lit up by the Fjord Oslo Light Festival these days.

Fjord Oslo Light Festival reflect’s international artists works of art which aim to bring light and focus to some of the issues facing the world at the moment:
Nature, human mind and COP26.


Hatta desert offers all a mountain biker love: Dry sand, high mountains, difficult tracks, rough surface with sharp stones to avoid, rising temperatures during the 2 hour race and a good pay-check.

All this attracted the world’s best MTB bikers for first men and after for woman to a true battle in the mountains of Hatta, 1.30 hours into the desert from Dubai city by the ocean.

It is the only UCI event in the Arab Peninsula.


Biggest Danish participation ever
Denmark is planning on staying and growing together with CIIE.

Denmark’s participation is larger than ever before and also among the largest at CIIE 2021.

Since CIIE started has the Danish Pavilion at CIIE seen an large increase in the number of Danish exhibitors, even with the pandemic’s travel restrictions to enter China.


A huge opportunity for Danish companies exists to provide the Chinese market with safe and high quality food, which will “help spur the acceleration of the green transition” with Danish sustainable solutions, according to Martin Kristian Brauer, Chief Economist and Area Director at Danish Agriculture and Food Council during a press conference in Copenhagen on Monday


A unique auction took place in Bruun Rasmussen’s fine auction house in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Photos of John Lennon and Yoko One visiting Skyum Bjerge close to the Thy camp in North Jutland in 1979.
A unique cassette tape with a 33-minute audio recording of the chat, which includes his speak about how everybody can contribute to world peace. 


The Michelin stars have again been given recommendations and Denmark’s NOMA was again in the very top with 3 stars. NOMA was 4 times awarded as the worlds best restaurant between 2011 and 2019.


Half a century ago, four Danish teenagers interviewed John Lennon for their school paper.

A cassette tape with a 33-minute audio recording of the chat, which also includes an apparently unpublished song by the late Beatle, will be auctioned in Denmark later this month


Covid made Tivoli start the first official Garden & Flower Festival in Tivoli’s 178 history. 


Covid made Tivoli start the first official Garden & Flower Festival in Tivoli’s 178 history. 


The world’s highest sand castle was built in Blokhus.


Denmark’s amusement parks can finally re-open in full after corona.


The world’s largest ever football made of LEGO® bricks has been built by the staff at LEGO® House during the COVID-19 pandemic to celebrate the upcoming 2021 football event.


​​Due to Corona, the annual light festival in Brixen had to come up with an alternative. We helped to create awareness of the event.

Copenhagen Light Festival 2021

– Denmark’s most visited

Copenhagen Light Festival 2021 was very different from previous years due to Corona.
It was also one of the only festivals possible​​.


The China International Import Expo is a big succes for Denmark.
CIIE has been supported bigger than ever before by Danish government and leading food producers.


To keep distance, Tivoli in Copenhagen have placed teddy bears in rollercoasters and in 3 days created the words first corona-app to avoid queues in front of the 32 rides.


The world’s toughest mountain bike marathon race just took place in the mountains in the italian Dolomites in the Alps.
No other race in the world is 86 km long, and the riders bike up 4500 mh, meaning they bike 4.500 meter up the hill during the race. Some places the track increases 25% upwards.

69% of the biking was off road.
They also bike in altitudes between 1500 and 2500  meter.

Al this makes it the toughest race in the world.

As a special surprise the Hero organisation presented a man flying in a James Bond looking Jet-wing machine.

The dary stunt was done by French Vince Reffet


Copenhagen Light Festival has been hold in the cold, dark and sometimes wet February in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The festival has presented 35 unique works of art and 40 pop-up events.


The Forest Tower is placed in the middle of an old viking forest, with more that 2000 findings from the viking age

It takes 15 minutes to walk up the 650 meter (2.130 feet) path from the forest ground to the top of the tower.​

Visitors from 74 countries have already experienced the tower, which is unique for a forest.


After many years of waiting and 13,438 hours of construction, the world’s first all in LEGO car arrived at home LEGO, LEGO® House in Billund, 3 hours from Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

The 1.5 ton LEGO BUGATTI CHIRON car was moved from the truck into the LEGO® House, where it was designed, LEGO was founded, exhibits works and exhibits the most unique LEGO.


The first year of Copenhagen Light Festival


LEGO House invited 15 AFOL’s Adults Fans Of LEGO to LEGOHouse, which had done something exceptional, over the past year.


The world’s toughest mountain bike marathon race just took place in the mountains in the italian Dolomites in the Alps.
No other race in the world is 86 km long, and the riders bike up 4500 mh, meaning they bike 4.500 meter up the hill during the race. Some places the track increases 25% upwards.

69% of the biking was off road.
They also bike in altitudes between 1500 and 2500  meter.

Al this makes it the toughest race in the world.

As a special surprise the Hero organisation presented a man flying in a James Bond looking Jet-wing machine.

The dary stunt was done by French Vince Reffet


The world’s longest viking bridge is finally finished. It took 3 years of construction by more than 1000 people.

It is just opening now in a rare archaeological viking valley at Albertslund, 15 minutes from the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The bridge in more than 700 meter long crossing a valley with viking cemeteries, protected species of birds, reptiles, bats, amphibians and plants including orchids.


Tivoli’s Christmas market This year Christmas Market in Copenhagen, Denmark was opened by the sparkling crystal Swarovski Christmas tree.

The one-in-the world Swarovski Christma tree carries more than 3.000 Swarovski super sparkling crystals, socalled Clear Krystal, that according to Swarovski gives “an exclusive nordic look”.
The cost for the tree, is 1 mio. Danish crones or €135.000 or $150.000


Ski resort build on top of waste plant.
The goal of the waste plant is to re-use all waste.
A ski resort, including the world’s highest climb-wall, tested the ski slope for two days, before actually opening later this year.
People from Copenhagen was invited to try most of the track.
The surface is a special all year material, that feels very slippery, and as snow.



Copenhagen is now home to the bridge and street trafficked by most bicycle-riders every day compared to other cities in the world. And every day the bicycle riders of Copenhagen together bike an accumulated 1,34 mio. km.!

The newest addition to the city’s bike paths – a 13 km long unbroken cycle path around the city’s inner harbor, the Harbour Circle – has now been inaugurated.

Lady runs marathon number 366 in 365 days – world record

A Danish lady Annette Fredskov from the old royal city of Næstved broke a world record running 366 marathons in 365 days – in her fight against sclerosis. It is the first time in the world a person has run a marathon each day a year in a row.


She has run 15,443 km or the equivalent to twice the entire Danish coastline. She has worn out 20 pairs of shoes in a total time corresponding to 76 days.