Amazing Water Light Festival in the Alps

Amazing Water Art Light Festival in the Alps to protect the water

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An amazing water light festival with 29 big light installations about water is taking place in the mountain city Brixen/Bressanone in Northern Italy in the Alps.

“Water is life – light is art” is it called.


The water is considered the purest and lightest waters in the Alps. It is used to clean the kidney, because it has a very low hardness (1.2 F)  and a pH value of 6.6 making it ideal for assimilation in the human body. The city has historic drinking fountains all over the city with mountain water.

“Water is crucial”, says director Werner Zanotti.


Water data taken from the Mediterranean ocean every 30 minutes over a year makes the art piece by Refik Anadol from Turkey and USA. He worked for Google for 6 years and developed algorithms creating art from data and is now living in Los Angeles.
The ocean seen is actually ocean data taken every 30 minutes over a year. He hopes the ocean will remind us to calm down.


Artist from 10 countries have made works about the melting waters:

The ice from Greenland is seen melting at one of the city fountains in the projection by Båll & Brand (Bonfire & Fire) from Denmark.
Another is the amusing chemical pipe system, that actually shows toxins, such as pesticides from agriculture or chemicals from industry. It is made by Peter Aerschmann from another Alp country Switzerland and is called H2O. The toxins often remain invisible and dangerous to drink, as well known in many places.


Visitors were very impressed and 57 year old Markus Mayer, Real Estate agent from Austria even said “Thank you to the artists that did this”.


The North Italian international artist Stefano Cagol, who often is exhibiting in The Venice Biennale about climate change, has set up the word Global Warning, insead of Global Warming. He feels the climate change and now also covid and the war in Ukraine is better covered by global warning.

As you pass it, you hear a symbolic luminous effect of alarm, that is a frequency-sound wave made from the melting of a glacier heated by the sun.


Brixen’s medieval city palace hosted the bishops of Brixen, and is today a museum. 

German and Italian artist Petra Poli have hung up several cotton lanes with a river projected on. She says that you can see the popular fashion colors in the rivers, where the clothes are produced. Blue is very popular, so her work is blue like a river.


The spectacular projections on the Dome of Brixen are made by French Spectaculaires.

It is the first time that a projection is made on the catholic bishop’s dome from 1758.

The colors are reminiscent of the colors of the water in the two rivers surrounding the city and are also the original colors of the church. The dean of the Dome of Brixen hopes “people will learn to be good managers of the resources we have in the world”.


After 2 years of covid is the Brixen Light Festival back and all the light installations have a blue thread.

However on 16. May it be due to the UN’s international Day if Lights shift to be about the importance of “light” for a week, until the festival ends on May 22.



      1. Church with water
        Spectaculaires – Domplatz: Colours of the Cathedral
      2. Drone from church to house with words
        Detlef Hartung & Georg Trenz – Erhardskirche: Panta Rhei
      3. Close up of house with projected words
        Detlef Hartung & Georg Trenz – Erhardskirche: Panta Rhei
      4. Street with light projection
        Clemens Rudolph – Altenmarktgasse: Wasserhahn und Brausehenne
      5. Street with light art
        Olab – Große Lauben: Wave
      6. Bottle being filled with water from fountain
      7. Woman drinking water near church
      8. Soundbite Werner Zanotti. Director Brixen Water Light Festival
      9. “Water has a crucial importance in Brixen. Brixen was founded because the water was already here. We have two rivers. We have twenty two fountains in the historical city center. We have the flow of water from the mountain. That gives us a very importance and that gives the water theme the importance for our festival”
      10. Bosphorus: Data sculpture: Refik Anadol – Water on wall in 3D graphic projektion
      11. Close up of the work “Bosphorus”
      12. Zoom interview Refik Anadol, artist. Turkey/US.
        The world has enough problems. The world has a lot of problems. I’m a visual thinker, and I’m pretty much aware of what can go wrong and is going wrong already. So I think it’s just a great time to, like, maybe – maybe truly calm down”
      13. Bosphorus 3D graphic projection
      14. Projection on building
        Clemens Rudolph, Germany – Altenmarktgasse: Wasserhahn und Brausehenne
      15. Projection near water fountain
        Ball & Brand, Denmark – Weißer Turm: The Ice is Melting at the Pøules
      16. Close up of sign with Artist name and information
        Peter Aerschmann; Switzerland – Hartwig Plats: H2O
      17. Light art projected on wall
        Peter Aerschmann; Switzerland – Hartwig Plats: H2O
      18. Vox-pop
        Markus Mayer, Austria, Real Estate (57 years)
        “It’s marvelous. It’s fantastic. I didn’t expect it because I didn’t know anything about this light festival. And it’s just beautiful. I’m speechless. It’s really beautiful. Perfect job, these artists. Thank you.”
      19. Angelina Schultz, Italy, student, 21
        “I think it’s very beautiful. The lights and everything. Yeah, it’s very beautiful”
      20. Drone art on a bridge at river. The Global Warning by Stefano Cagol, Italy 
      21. Drone sign “Global warning”
      22. Soundbite Stefano Cagol, artist, Italy
        “Global warning is an extra level about global warming. It is not just only about losing glaciers, but also about the warning that our planet. It is the pandemic, it is the war, it’s about our interference with the planet. There is nothing in symbiosis. These are not kind of antagonisms within nature. We have to have to really think about the future, we have to think about our future, really, for our survival.”
      23. Bridge with light art “Global warning”
      24. Pan. Drone of Brixen/Bressanone city to the medieval bishop home Hofburg with the light art “The right to choose” by Petra Poli, German/Italy.
      25. Pan of fabrics with projection on them:
        “The right to choose” by Petra Poli, German/Italy.
      26. Soundbite Petra Polli, artist. Germany/Italy,(Natural German):

      “Die Farben der Modeindustrie gelangen vielfach in die Flüsse und färben das Wasser in den jeweiligen Modefarben. So habe ich diesen Gedanken oder diese Problematik in meiner Installation aufgenommen. und zu sehen sind hier eben Stoffbahnen, die wie bei der Modeindustrie zum Trocknen aufgehängt werden. Hier wird ein Video projiziert, das ein Fluss  zeigt, der in einer bestimmten Modefarbe, in einer Trendfarbe wie blau heuer eingefärbt wurde”.
      “The colors of the fashion industry often end up in the rivers and dye the water in the respective fashion colors. So I have taken up this idea or this problem in my installation, and what you see here are strips of fabric that are hung up to dry, just like in the fashion industry. Here, a video is projected showing a river that has been dyed in a certain fashion color, in a trend color like blue this year).”

      1. Pan of crowd looking at 3D projection on church
        Spectaculaires – Domplatz: Colours of the Cathedral
      2. Soundbite decan: Ulrich Fistill, Decan of the Dome of Brixen
        “Ich hoffe, dass die Menschen lernen, mit den Ressourcen, die wir in der Welt haben,  gut umzugehen. Sei es mit dem Wasser als auch mit dem Licht, dass wir uns bewusst sind, dass es Geschenke sind, Geschenke des Schöpfers, die wir  erhalten haben, damit wir sie gut verwalten.”

      “I hope that people learn to be good managers of the resources we have in the world. Be it with the water as well as with the light, that we are aware that they are gifts, gifts from the Creator that we have received so that we manage them well.”)

      Drone of Dôme de Bressanone
      Spectaculaires – Domplatz: Colours of the Cathedral

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1. Markus Mayer, Real Estate, Austria (57 years). (Natural German):
“Es war fantastisch, ich habe so was noch nie gesehen. Ich habe auch nicht gewusst, dass das hier stattfindet und Respekt an die Artisten, es war fantastisch und es war wirklich atemberaubend. Schade, dass das Wetter nicht mitspielt”.
“It was fantastic, I’ve never seen anything like it. I didn’t know it was happening here either and kudos to the artists, it was fantastic and it was really breathtaking. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate”.)


2. Ulrich Fistill, engineer, Germany, (64 years) (Natural G GERMAN)
“Ich verbinde das Blaue mit Wasser. Wasser ist Leben. Für mich ist Kirche auch Leben, und dann ist also die Symbiose Wasser und Kirche ist Leben. Es ist ganz hervorragend zusammen gespielt. Es geht sehr in die Gefühle. Es spricht sehr an.

I associate the blue with water. Water is life. For me, church is also life, so then the symbiosis is water and church is life. It’s played together quite brilliantly. It goes very much to the emotions. It is very appealing.)


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