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Copenhagen, Denmark

13 February, 2019


Ski resort build on top of waste plant.
The goal of the waste plant is to re-use all waste.
A ski resort, including the world’s highest climb-wall, tested the ski slope for two days, before actually opening later this year.

People from Copenhagen was invited to try most of the track.
The surface is a special all year material, that feels very slippery, and as snow.


The CEO is Christian Ingels is part owner of the slope and can’t wait to get started and earn the big investment back. It is the first ski-slope and even bigger sports-arena build in the world, using the energy from waste.

The waste factory re-use 97% of the waste from Copenhagen municipal. With the ski slope it get´s close to 0% of the waste, that is not reused. 


The actual opening dates has not been set.




  1. Drone total Copenhill (Feb.14.2019)
  2. Drone along track (Feb.14.2019)
  3. Closer drone total Copenhill. (Feb.14.2019)
  4. Pan of Copenhill
  5. Shot near the “grass” at the top of the hill
  6. Shot down the slope with skiers on the top
  7. Total of the hill with skiers going down it and Copenhagen City in the background
  8. Shot of the hill from the side with skiers
  9. Shot from the “grass” showing skiers and the horizon
  10. Track shot of skier skiing down the hill
  11. Shot looking up the hill with skiers going down it
  12. SOUND-BITE (English) Sergei De Sandial, visitor, teacher
    “It’s like a very slippery, icy pist, but it’s super fun and once you have tried two or three runs, it feels more and more natural. I think i´m going to take at least 10 or 20 more and hopefully i will feel a little at home again, but it’s fantastic to be in the middle of Copenhagen and being able to ski.”
  1. People going through turn still with ski´s on
  2. Close of the conveyor belt
  3. Camera follows a skier down the hill
  4. Skier is seen using a jump
  5. People in orange copenhill jackets are seen conversing
  6. SOUND-BITE Christian Ingels, CEO Copenhill
    “We have had a super positive reaction of skiing in the middle of Copenhagen.    Denmark is flat like a pancake almost, but we have 600.000 skiers in Denmark so to be able to ski in your own backyard is extraordinary.”
  7. Side view of Copenhill with skiers using the converyorbelt and skiing on the hill
  8. Close of snowboard being strapped to boots
  9. SOUND-BITE  Louis Jørgensen, visitor, Geologist.
    “I have been, i think, 3 weeks on the snowboard, and that’s eight years ago, and i’m able to do it and i’m seeing people people jumping around and making tricks. Well everyone can stay here and i’m excited for the big park(part) to open”.
  10. Snowboard is seen standing up and going down the hill
  11. Shot near “grass” with skiers going by
  12. Skier is seen doing tricks on a pipe
  13. SOUND-BITE Christian Ingels, CEO Copenhill cont.
    “We are lacking the last one / third of the hill, and when that is done we can test that and then we are ready to open for the public, and we can open the ski slope. We also have a restaurant, a climbing wall, the world’s highest climbing wall, a running path alongside the hill and a hiking path. We have after ski/ski school. So we are like a mountain resort just narrowed down in a small area and that is what we want to give people, the feeling of being on vacation just for four hours”.
  14. Shot near bottom of the hill with skiers going by
  15. People are seen having fun and laughing on the hill
  16. Women in red jacket is seen skiing down the hill
  17. Many skiers are seen using the hill.
  18. Drone. (feb.14.2019)