Training and Press Denmark National Team before Croatia match

Training and Press – Denmark National Team before Croatia match

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JUNE. 9, 2022


Training and presse



  • SOUNDBITE Kasper Hjulmand, National Coach
    ”We are back in the in Denmark. We are happy to be back with six points. We are also very happy to see the pictures from home from Fælled Parken and to see the crowds, watching the game and celebrating even. It was past midnight, still with a lot of fans, and it’s, it really means something for us that we can see the people joining our games, even though we are away.
  • SOUNDBITE Kasper Hjulmand, National Coach
    “Yeah, I wasn’t there at that time, but of course. We had a loss in that match. We actually played a very good game. And that match, I wasn’t a coach. Um, so obviously we, we would like to take the win this time. Thank you”
  • SOUNDBITE Kasper Hjulmand, National Coach
    “Yeah, of course, we will be rotating. I can’t tell you which players we are rotating, but we will be rotating both in this match and the next one as well. Obviously we did it also between game number one and two and this time as well. So yeah, you will see rotations. Thank you.”
  • SOUNDBITE Kasper Hjulmand, National Coach
    “Of course we know. We know this. The player moderates where he starts the game, which pockets you would like to be in. And if those pockets are closed, he always shows up in the beginning of the game and starts it and then he moves again. You cannot pick him up. You can´t. It’s impossible to just say we we will close him down. It’s not possible. So of course we have ideas, we know where he is, we know what to do, and we have to make sure that he’s not dictating everything. But as I said, Brozovich is not a bad player, and that’s the case with these, with this team.I think they’re very, very strong on the ball in position. They’re very, very strong. And if you close one space, it opens up for players. So we have to play our game. So most of the time, hopefully that’s always how we play. We’d like to dictate as much as possible, make sure they say, OK, how can we stop Erikssen? How can we stop our players? Uh, so most of the game, we would like to be in control and we are attacking more than they are.”
  • SOUNDBITE Andreas Christensen.
    “We know what they have. We we know they’re strong, and we have ideas what they’re doing, and we are working on watching videos and stuff. So it’s just like if you have, you have a game, really just prepare ourselves as good as we can, and that’s all we can do.”
  • So it really means a lot for us. As I said, we are back, and we are looking forward to a very difficult game against one of the best two teams in Europe that went to the World Cup final and just a bunch of very, very good footballers. Very good on the ball, technical skills, a strong side”
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