Tivoli celebrates it 25th anniversary for having a Christmas market and it is already on the top 10 list of world’s best Christmas market in the world according to Lonely Planet.

Tivoli’s Christmas market This year Christmas Market in Copenhagen, Denmark was opened by the sparkling crystal Swarovski Christmas tree.

The one-in-the world Swarovski Christma tree carries more than 3.000 Swarovski super sparkling crystals, socalled Clear Krystal, that according to Swarovski gives “an exclusive nordic look”. The cost for the tree, if interested, is 1 mio. Danish crones or €135.000 or $150.000. The tree is 10 meter/ 33 feet high and will be well garden, until the the 5th of January, when the Tivoli Christmas market ends.

Tivoli’s Design Director Jacob Helenius is proud of having the Swarovski Christmas tree. “It is magic for Tivoli and dream, that comes true”. 

Tivoli expect many selfies are being taken in front of the tree, because people are very excited about the unique beauty.

Tivoli Garden themselves got more than 1 million Tivoli lights hung up. Tivoli also got 3.5 km or 2.100 miles of granguaries or light chain with 130,000 light on.

The Tivoli Youth Garde, that this year celebrates its 175 anniversary, took people around the garden.

Tivoli itself was founded 176 years ago and is the second oldest seasonal amusement park in the word. The oldest is also located a in Copenhagen.

Historically do Tivoli and  the Swarovski tree share, that they both got famous for there Christmas lights in USA, because they has been part of the Rockefeller Center Christmas show in New York.
The small Tivoli Lights are still an important part of the New York Christmas celebrations.