Men in Black

Men in Black

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DECEMBER 18 , 2021
LENGTH: 2.06

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Demonstrations against covid vaccines.

Men in Black is the name of a group of people who from the beginning of 2021 have carried out demonstrations in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. The aim is to demonstrate against the restrictions that the government has introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic in Denmark. It has i.a. aroused great interest when a group of people set fire to a doll, which represented Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, on which were written the words: “She must and must be killed”, as a reference to her statement, where she announced that all mink should be killed . Other arguments are that it has not been documented that it will not affect children in 5-20 years and people who have had covid will not be infected so easily again. The movement does not have much support in Denmark.

  • Total people gathered in park demonstrating against vaccine.
  • Total behind people walking
  • Near demonstrators waving flag
  • Total demonstrators walking on road 
  • Midshot children holding flag which reads “Vi er ikke nede med Mette”
    Translation (*“we aren´t down with Mette (Frederiksen))
  • Total demonstrators walking on road 
  • Midshot pan up of man in motorcycle/riot gear
  • Midshot family holding sign saying “Sammen for Frihed” (Together for Freedom) & “Giv et smil 🙂 (*Give a smile :))
  • Total Pan of demonstrators . 
  • End

    (BLACK 1 second)
  • SOUNDBITE Miko Hertz (male, 36 years old, Denmark, unemployed):
    We’re demonstrating here in Denmark today because of the children’s right to choose for themselves. It’s not supposed to be a choice whether to vaccinate or not vaccinated when you’re not even older, have to choose whether you should have sex or not because we need to have free liberties and we need to have a free choice throughout our whole life.”.

    (BLACK 1 second)

  • SOUNDBITE Ali Silo (male, 44 years old, Denmark, social worker):
    “So I don’t fear the sickness. I rather have a natural immunity, which I had. I had COVID and after five to five and a half months, I got my antibodies checked and I had a high degree of immunity. So no, I’m not afraid.”