Tourism need workers

Tourism need workers

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JUNE 10, 2022


​After covid and the boom of tourism starting again has a new problem occurred.

During covid did the hotels nearly not have any costumers and now they need staff.

In Denmark do the unions want to keep a high guarantee amount, higher than the salary.

11% of the working force in Denmark are non-Danish.
100.000 people and more is needed in the Danish hotel business.

Lars Ramme Nielsen,Marketing Manager (Tourism, Culture and Experience Economy) reporting interest from the tourist and culture business to the goverment.

Peter Høeg is Hotel Director of Villa Copenhagen, A new 4 star hotel in the old Post Headoffice in Denmark.



  1. Total hotel
  2. Concierge taking a call
  3. Person checking in with credit card
  4. View of hotel room
  5. SOUNDBITES Lars Ramme Nielsen, Marketing Manager (Tourism, Culture and Experience Economy):
    “Now, I think it’s fair to say that what we saw was a supply crisis due to restrictions. It was impossible to travel to get entertainment, to go to a hotel etc., meaning that what we did in order to boost the economy again actually did not help. On the other hand, it just made it worse. That’s what we see now. Now we see a considerable shortage of labor in the hospitality sector in Denmark.”
  6. Villa Hotel
  7. Inside Villa Hotel
  8. SOUNDBITE Peter Høeg. Managing Director Hotel Villa Copenhagen:
    “Our situation is that the business has certainly bounced back following the Covid-19 pandemic. And we see a lack of human resources in certain areas. At the villa Copenhagen. It is very much in food and beverage service. So it’s bars and restaurants where we are if you want to struggle the most at the moment and most are other areas we are coping with. But in general, for the whole hotel, we are recruiting every day that there’s not a day where we’re not meeting new potential people, signing new employment contracts and so on.”
  1. Couple get help at the hotel Concierge
  2. SOUNDBITES Lars Ramme Nielsen. Marketing Manager
    (Tourism, Culture and Experience Economy) cont.:
    “the labor market in Denmark within hotels is very dependent on foreign workers helping out in hotels, in cleaning, in restaurants, etc. as the Danish labor market is back, as economy is booming, we still lack many of the heads and hands coming from at European Union and from the rest of the world, they have not yet come back to the extent as we saw it before. So we’re trying to bridge this gap, but it will unfortunately take some time.”
  3. SOUNDBITE Peter Høeg. Managing Director Hotel Villa Copenhagen cont.:
    “I see that and I wish that the government will act a little faster. They’ve talked about lowering the minimum salary for getting a work permit in Denmark, but they haven’t acted on it yet.”
  4. Woman walking to lift in hotel
  5. Woman getting massage
  6. Chefs making food
  7. SOUNDBITE Lars Ramme Nielsen. Marketing Manager
    (Tourism, Culture and Experience Economy) cont.:
    “There is fortunately a good discussion going on. I’m sure that the government is well aware of this situation. There are also discussions in the parliament going on about this. But in the very short term coming season we will not make it. I’m sure.”
  8. SOUNDBITE Peter Høeg. Managing Director Hotel Villa Copenhagen cont.:
    “We basically offer every and any jobs in the hospitality industry. We offer service, we offer kitchen, we offer housekeeping, we offer a front desk, I believe in the future for Copenhagen, hopefully when the Chinese tourists are coming back, we will need Chinese speaking front desk officers. That’ll be great to have that.”
  9. Asian man arriving at hotel and checking in
  10. SOUNDBITE Peter Høeg. Managing Director Hotel Villa Copenhagen cont::
    “As late as Thursday evening, we had to close the bar for the cocktail bar. We have for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Because one bartender fell ill and we didn’t have any replacement. We couldn’t move around people. So we are certainly designing our opening hours, our operational hours around the labor force that are available to us.”
  11. Bartender makes drinks
  12. Man enjoys the view from his hotel room
  13. Hotel exterior