Drive In Concert


Drive-in concerts are a big thing now. However we spoke to the first musician in the world, who performed the first commercial Drive-In concerts in Denmark.

The music-ward winning Mads Langer was already on a European tour, when corona broked out. 

The Drive In concert has made the award winning musician even more international.

Mads Langer has become a hudge success, because they have brought his intimacy musician and personal skills with the audience into focus.

The concerts are set on a big parking lot with minimum 500 cars and 4 people in each car. 

Each concert is seen by around 2000 people.

The music is transmitted to their car-radio via a dedicated frequency.

People also got a link to a web-meeting program (called zoom) and they join the meeting with Mads Langer via their mobile phone to his computer screen, that can be seen on the big screen on stage.

Very different from a normal concert.
Standing on stage Mads Langer felt he sang to the 4 people in the car, rather than 2-3000 people, actually attending.

Supplerende produktioner i dette projekt