LEGOLAND Peppa Pig Broadcasts


384 media have been documented and more is possible. 

104,609.257 viewers is a qualified estimate.
In addition comed re-broadcasts and future search-findings.

This distribution is unique, because we primarily work with the real news and not advertisement news.
We have a direct contact to TV-news and a long collaboration with media partners, as you know.


To document the results, we use TV search machines that search broadcasts in video/picture and not just text.
Among the media that used the LEGOLAND/PEPPA PIG story are AP, Eurovision and others we produce for in general.


GoogleAdd prices per viewer are €0,01/ DKK 0.06 /USD 0.01 pricing this result to  €1.027.660 /DKK 7,193,625 / US 1.027.660. This should be looked at as a general qualified estimate.


Just to mention, then the report do not include som very good results: The pre-distribution helped to establish a visit from DR, Denmark’s national TV-news/prime-time. The distribution also got into the non-Danish speaking news via “Copenhagen Post ” and “The Local”, that for sure gives many visitors, due to the many non-Danish speaking families living in Denmark working for NOVO, U.N. (Europe). LEGO and similar active tourists.