Water Light Festival 2023 – Broadcasts

Broadcast examples

New record in broadcasts from Brixen/Bressanone Water Light Festival 

Brixen/Bressanone Water Light Festival broke again the record in broadcast seen by minimum
374.816.452 documented viewers.
Among the stations are ZDF, DW, Rai Bell Italia, Euronews, MSN, Yahoo and more.

Brixen/Bressanone Water Light Festival was in Europe registered on 19 medias in Italy,  4 medias in Germany, 6 in UK, 2 in Polen and various in France.

The value in advertisement is minimum €3.663.234 in only Europe.

On top of the viewing figures was seen world-wide via EuroNews, DW, Yahoo (nr 1 in US)
MSN and several in China.

World-wide broadcasts includes screens in airports and hotels all over the world.

Several broadcast can we not document the numbers, but expect minimum 125 mio more.

Of the documented broadcasts was 144 mio. positive about the festival and 72 neutral.
There were no negative reports.

All broadcasts was from the 5th to the 8th. – only a  few on Day of The Lights.

Day of Lights mark the start of the laser light.

Source: Critical Mention, and the stations

Water Light Festival 2023 – Broadcasts


Source ZDF.de
Est. Audience 923,837
Est. Publicity Value USD $259,829
Market Germany
Language German

DW – Euromaxx



24 Ore

Digital News Source Stream24.Ilsole24ore.com
Est. Audience 25,457
Est. Publicity Value USD $3,743
Market Italy
Language Italian


RTTR la Televisione



Il Tquotidiano