Artist Olafur Eliasson developed a swivel bridge as a new landmark

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Copenhagen, Denmark
22. august 2015
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Artist Olafur Eliasson developed a swivel bridge as a new landmark

Four years of hard work finally ended. The construction of the bridge by international artists Olafur Eliasson ended – and it has becomed more than just a practical bridge. It is a beautiful new landmark and an inspiration to other urban cities in the world.

Olafur Eliasson idea of four circle-islands are actually 5 ships with 5 masts connecting the quays. Olafur Eliasson was born in Copenhagen, but was inspired by his childhood experiences in the harbour in Iceland, in which he had to jump from boat to boat to get across.

The name is The Cirkelbroen (The bridge) meaning circlebridge. The idea of 5 ships next to each other, also make new meeting places. From the bridge you can stand looking down the Copenhagen channels or at the other old bridges in the harbor or at The Black Diamond, that´s the Royal library. It is a vantage point along the waterfront.

In contrast to long, straight bridges along a waterfront – the Cirkelbroen will reduce speeds of people, bikes and pedestrians to change the direction of gazes, and invite people to take a break.

Hesitating en route or stopping up one your way is Olafur Eliassons hope, when people cross the bridge – and give room for such thoughts in the everyday life of the urban spaces.

Thousands of people vent to the opening in the weekend after waiting years for this bridge.

The opening was welcomed with a classic Copenhagen bicycle parade.
The Cirkelbroen enhances an already lively, and attractive waterfront atmosphere for the people of Copenhagen.

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen was proud of the new art work and new landmark in Copenhagen.

Many tourist and residence found the bridge unique and hope it becomes a I see you at the bridge kind of place.

Besides being a bridge for bicycles and people walking along the quay do Olafur Eliasson hope it will serve people in there everyday life and invite to reflection, new views and perspectives. It invites one to take a break in an otherwise busy everyday life.

In Olafur Eliasson art he works with transient materials and is inspired by wind, fog or flowing water.

it is a gift from Nordea-fonden, a private foundation, to The City of Copenhagen




1. time-lap cirkelbroen (THE bridge) being build ending in evening lights

2. total bridge

3. Artist olafur eliasson and the lord mayor of Copenhagen standing oN cirkelbroen talking

4. Interview Olafur Eliasson
One of the main sources of inspiration was for me my childhood in Island, where the harbour in Island, where I spend a lot of time and my father was a sailor. Sometimes filled up with boats, so you could cross the harbour by going from one deck to the next.

5. Total cirkelbroen with 5 masts

6. view from middle of the bridge the black diamond (the national royal library).

7. view down channel in cpenhagen

8. view from bridge to knippelsbro

9. Interview Olafur Eliasson cont.:
To make something, that is public accessible, not inside a museum, where you buy a ticket and you have to go and see it. But see something, where people try to come with there, you know, going into the kindergarten from work and to be a part of that everyday life, is something, that I think is  really amazing.

10. Thousands of people at the quay during the opening

11. Man push buttom and opens bridge

12. Total cirkelbroen bicycles parade crossing the bridge for the first time

13. lord mayor of Copenhagen frank jensen, laughs and talks with olafuR eliasson

14. interview lord mayor of Copenhagen frank jensen
It makes it easier for the Copenhageners to commute in there city. But I also like it because it is a piece of art. It is a worldclass  piece of art, and I think that the Copenhageners and the many visitors and all of the tourists, that come to Copenhagen like to go and look at Olafur Eliassons bridge “ The Circlebridge.

15. little sailing boat pass between quay and cirkelbroen .

16. vox-pop
Aaron Weeks, Florida USA – Construction Manager & tourist.
I think it is very innovative. It makes a great space for people to meet and to (entertain) at the same time. It is beautiful.

17. vox-pop Lucy Weeks, Florida Usa – artist & tourist.
I think it is beautiful. Unique design.

18. vox-pop Mathæus bech, musician
It is a very beautiful bridge and I live quite close near by and it will be a nice place to come and hang out and make the bicycle trip easier.

19. the two first Bicycles crossing the bridge saying hello to olafur eliasson and lord mayor frank jensen. the two first are former mayor ritt bjerregaard, that got the idea and klaus bondam, head of the bicycle foundation.

20. total bridge. water boats and canoes playes under the bridge.

21. Interview Olafur Eliasson cont.
Well I hope to see, that Copenhagen sees the bridge as a part of its general public space. Copenhagen has a very exciting public space strong tradition in designing and shaping public space and I very mush see this as a part of this very robot tradition.



24. Sailing and pan of bridge







The Cirkelbroen bridge in Copenhagen officially opened in the presence of thousands of Danes.

The Cirkelbroen bridge has just been officially opened in Copenhagen as more than 7.000 Danes attended the festive opening ceremony for the bridge. The bridge was designed by world-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, who also spoke at the opening ceremony.

After the successful opening ceremony, Olafur Eliasson, of Denmark and Iceland, looks forward to seeing the Cirkelbroen bridge become part of everyday life for the people of Copenhagen.

The Cirkelbroen bridge creates new spaces along the waterfront. It provides proximity to the water and encourages users to slow down a little and take a break. I hope it will become a meeting place, a see you at the bridge kind of place.

In my art, I work with transient materials such as wind, fog or flowing water. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to make a structure such as the Cirkelbroen bridge, which embodies this transience the changing of the weather and how this helps to create the waterfront atmosphere but a bridge which has a long, stable life ahead of it at the same time. I am filled with immense pride to know that the Cirkelbroen bridge will now be part of Copenhagen, Olafur Eliasson says.

Accordingly, the Cirkelbroen bridge will make it easier for the people of Copenhagen to cycle, walk or run along the Copenhagen waterfront and through the city. But it will provide much than that, too. It will serve as a new meeting place and vantage point along the waterfront that invites reflection, new views and perspectives. It invites one to take a break in an otherwise busy everyday life.

Frank Jensen, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, who received the bridge on behalf of the city, is very pleased with the opening ceremony for the Cirkelbroen bridge.

The Cirkelbroen bridge enhances an already lively, and attractive waterfront atmosphere for the people of Copenhagen. This was emphasised today by the presence of such a large number of people at the official opening. The bridge binds our city more tightly together and is a landmark for the entire area of which we can be proud, Frank Jensen says.

Mogens Hugo, chairman of the board for Nordea-fonden, is also very pleased that Copenhagen residents have so warmly welcomed the Cirkelbroen bridge.

We are very pleased by the many people who chose to spend their Saturday with us. Naturally, the most important thing is how the people of Copenhagen will use the bridge in their daily lives. But their positive reception of Cirkelbroen today indicates that the bridge has a bright future ahead, says Mogens Hugo, chairman of the board for Nordea-fonden, a foundation which supports the good life.

The Cirkelbroen bridge was designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and is a gift from Nordea-fonden to the City of Copenhagen.

Read more about the Cirkelbroen bridge and the programme for the opening ceremony on


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