Danes get access to best mobile network in the world.
Copenhagen, Denmark /2014
Producer: Martin Ramsgaard and Jeppe Schjoedt
Length: 4.00
Source: Telia Denmark   +45 28 27 81 85
Distribution: vnr.TV- call anders kongshaug +45 23103058
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Two competing nordic telecommunication companies first in world to share mobile networks
Swedish-Finnish, TeliaSonera and Norwegian-based Telenor are the first in the world to merge
their networks across all technologies. The historic project is well underway, and will give the
Danes access to probably one of the best mobile networks in the world.

Our smartphones are becoming even more advanced and filled with applications that make our
everyday life easier, help us entertain ourselves or connect with others socially. As the amount
of tasks for smartphones increase, so does the demand for data. High speeds and broad coverage
is a necessity in order to exploit the technological multi-tool in our pockets.

Imagine receiving a text from your fridge, when you are out of milk.

Image your washing machine sends a text, when it is finished.

While the Nordic inhabitants demand increasing data speeds and ever-growing coverage, the machines themselves do so as well. Machine-to-machine (M2M) is one of the fastest growing areas
within the telco business, because more machines communicate with each other through sim cards.

Imagine your car automatically calling for help and delivering vital information about the severity of a crash, driver’s blood type, and the location of an accident.

Imagine a completely connected city that can share relevant information about free
parking spots, coordinate green lights with approaching cars, and warn you of nearby accidents.

The possibilities are endless, and the Danes are lucky to get the technical mobil infrastructure to get it first.



0.00 – 0.13 Telia and Telenor shops in Copenhagen
0.13 – 0.24 Heine Rasmussen, Network engineer, on the rooftops of Copenhagen
0.24 – 0.36 Heine Wieben Rasmussen, Networkingeneer, Telia Denmark
“The networkmerge is unique because it´s the first time ind the world that you se two operators
sharing a network across all technologies. We are still competitors but we are sharing the network”
0.35 – 0.40 A fridge is opened, and a tray is empty
0.40 – 0.46 Phone receives message (from My Fridge)
0.46 – 1.00 Interview with Annabell Bennekow, Student:
”It would definitely be easier if my domestic appliances could tell me when I needed milk or the
laundry was ready. It would be something I would look forward to.”
1.00 – 1.11 Washing Machine is turned on and ending
1.11 – 1.19 Phone receives message (from Washing Machine: Finished)
1.19 – 1.25 Interview with Annabell Bennekow, Student:
“I’ve been waiting for these features for a long time so its great they are finaly coming.”
1.25 – 1.46 Preben Mejer, IT-analyst, RadrLab
“This is the first time in the world where two mobile operators are pooling their networks and
collaborating on the network side but still competing in the market on the sales side. But it’s the
first time ever we se this technical collabaration and it’s very interesting and a major opportunity
also for the custumers.”
01.46 – 1.57 people on the streets talking on cellphones
1.57 – 2.22 Hans Dahlberg, CEO, TeliaSonera
“Coverage is of outmost importance. When it comes to cars, healthcare applications and when
you want to have control of your kids you want to have the best possible network. And that is why
coverage is important and we see a huge demand of these kinds of M2M og IOT applications.”
2.22 – 2.29 pic fra Telia Shop in Copenhagen
2.29 – 2.44 Tommy Ljunggren, development Manager, Telia
“For the customers it is really taking the best of two worlds. First of all you get better coverage
but you will still have the competition and the best value for money.”
2.44 – 3.06 Preben Mejer, IT-analyst, RadrLab
“It’s an obvious thing to do but it has never been seen before so others may follow – it’s a great
example. If you look at this from the customer side. It’s off course not important for me who is
running the network – it just has to be running so it’s a great way to achive this for the customers”.
3.06- 3.15 people on the street talking on cellphones
3.15 – 3.27 telecommunication masts on the rooftops of Copenhagen
3.27 – 3.46 pix from a Telia shop in Copenhagen
3.46 – 4.00 Car details, wireless key, light flashing, screen.


Questions to the companies:

David Engstrøm
Communications Advisor


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