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Artist Olafur Eliasson developed a swivel bridge as a new landmark

Watch examples of TV broadcasts around the world (Length 07:57)


vnr.TV’s international distribution generated around 400. million hits in 4 days.

A Nielsen & Nielsen monitoring was done in USA.

vnr.TV™s distribution resulted in more than 304,815,612 (300 million) unique hits.

The report shows that several NBC stations, and more than 40 TV-networks broadcasted the video, which was edited by vnr.TV.

In addition to this, the news was broadcasted in China, Malaysia and other countries in Asia, as well as Eurovision, EuroNews and others in Europe.

All in all more than 400 million hits

View examples of the TV-broadcasts from vnr.TV´s distribution (Length: 7 min.)


vnr.TV was in charge of editing a 3. minute news feature using Nordea Foundation´s video material – which was produced for use on the internet.

It was then sent to our editorial contacts, which then distributed world-wide.
The distribution took app. 27 hours.

Our TV-feature also was used by the writing press.


vnr.TV´s full video news release:


Get full production and monitoring report by contacting:

Anders Garde Kongshaug
Phone: +45 23103058



Since 1996, vnr.TV has built TV-contacts and produced for the biggest international TV-stations (CNN etc.) and news agencies (Reuters TV, ARD, EuroNews etc.)
The distribution is aimed at TV news and magazine programs everywhere in the world. vnr.TV achieves high viewer counts due to the many personal contacts and the solid know-how that it’s productions have rendered. Everything that vnr.TV has sent around since 2006 has been broadcast.
Here’s to hoping that this will inspire more collaboration in the future.

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